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Senin, 24 Oktober 2011

IDM ( Internet Download Manager) 6.07 Final Build 12 + Serial number

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Akhirnya IDM update Sorry copas dari IDM nya :D

What's new in version 6.07 Build 12?
- Added support for Firefox 8
- Improved video discovery on youtube
- Fixed bugs

What's new in version 6.07 Build 11?
- Added video stream recognition for several new web players
- Fxied a critical bug in 64bit versions of Windows

What's new in version 6.07 Builds 2-10?
- Added support for Firefox 7
- Resolved the problem with expiration of download links on
  youtube. Fixed automatic updating of download addresses

- Added digest authentication for proxy authorization
- Added rtmp resume for many sites where IDM could not
  resume in the past
- Improved downloading for the sites which generate temporary
  download links
- Enhanced "Speed Limiter". Added the feature  to set
  an individual limit for every download

- Redesigned "Download progress" dialog, added new tabs
  and the possibility to disable tabs that are
  not necessary for you

- Added support for Firefox 6
- Enhanced "start download" dialog

What's new in version 6.07?
- Added additional options on "Download progress" dialog
- Made a workaround for odd characters in file names when
  downloading from youtube

What's new in version 6.06 Beta Build 5?
- Added support for Firefox 5
- Resolved problems with foreign versions of Windows when a
  username contains hieroglyphs or other Unicode characters

- Improved advanced browser integration
- Fixed bugs

What's new in version 6.06 Beta Build 2?
- Enhanced new download progress bar
- Fixed several bugs

What's new in version 6.06 Beta?
- Enhanced Download progress dialog. The download progress bar
  was redesigned in 3d style. Added support for Windows Aero
  theme for Windows 7 and Windows Vista

- Advanced browser integration has been significantly amended.
  Improved automatic interception of downloads, enhanced video
  stream detection in Chrome, Opera and in other browsers which
  are integrated with network driver 
Ini saya akan SHARE IDM dan SN

Download IDM and SN here!
Download only SN here!

Jangan lupa password  sulthan-blog
Tips untuk sobat kalau mau nyari SN jangan UPDATE dulu cari SN dulu baru UPDATE ntar g bisa download :D

linknya 4shared ya!

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